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The Essential Oils Blog is back on-line! I'm rebuilding the articles and comments now. I'll be sending an email invitation to everyone, who used to be a member to re-join us, once it's all together. Any new readers / site visitors are welcome to be part of our community.

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Essential Oils Blog is temporarily off-line. Our internet hosting space suffered a devastating hacker attack from eastern Europe as an April Fools' Day strategy. Our former ISP required us to pull ALL our websites off the internet completely within 4 days in order to disconnect from the cyber terrorists....and the havoc they were wreaking to other domains as well. We have hired a skilled webmaster to implemented very strict securtiy protocols to avoid an intrusion in the future.

Because of our lack of experience with aggressive professional hackers, we had little time to plan our recovery strategy. As a result some of the Essential Oils Blog information is permanently all our user registrations and reader comments.

I'm really regretful and saddened by the loss. Did salvage all my articles, which I will be re-assembling in early June. Will send out an email invitation to those of you who I knew were member-participants and look forward to reading your articles & contributions.

2-2-08 Update
The NEWEST blog postings include:

Other helpful articles are:

Hope you'll join in ~ whether you're new to essential oils or a long-time user ~ so we can build a wonderful virtual community!

The Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy has been teaching their Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy (CCA) workshops in Sebastopol, CA for the past two years. The final class in the 3-part series was scheduled to be taught the first weekend in May 2008.

Unfortunately, Linda Smith got sick. Our ISHA CCA-303 Aromatherapy Workshop was cancelled at the last minute. We've rescheduled the open-book exam & mini-research project presentations for May 31st at my home. Class participants have been sent details via email.

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This site was originally created to provide answers to your questions about the ISHA CCA Workshops, a superb, holistic, 240-hour course that integrates a thorough education in the appropriate clinical use & application of essential oils, energy healing methods & directed intent (or prayer work).

NOTE: Cynthe Brush - the host of this site - will be concluding her role as the North Bay Area coordinator with the May 2008 workshop. She wants to finish her own CCA studies, develop her essential oils healing practice, and dedicate more time to this EOs User Blog.

If you are interested in the CCA workshops, please check with ISHA directly.

Certification means students will have obtained professional aromatherapy training and be able to practice the clinical application of therapeutic essential oils, guiding clients/patients in their healing journeys. Specifically:

  • Students learn about essential oils to ease many physical health challenges as well as for emotions & emotional situations.
  • Students learn about the physical - mental - emotional frequencies & the chemistry of essential oils.
  • They learn how to identify which essential oils are best for clients/patients in a given situation.
  • And will be taught how to formulate custom essential oils blends for individuals.
  • Students learn & experience some wonderful hands-on healing techniques for aligning energy for well-being.
  • As well as learning how to allow healing energy to flow through your mind, body & hands as a healing channel.